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Electric Cooperatives & Municipalities

Distributed generation, small scale utility, grid integration

Bring affordable, reliable efficient renewable energy production down to earth. ENGIE Distributed Renewables’ Development Team focuses on ground-mounted, utility-scale solar development, with a particular focus on distribution scale installations, community solar gardens (CSG) and direct power purchase agreements (PPAs). ENGIE’s team of regionally-focused project developers work in concert with Cooperatives, municipalities and communities to bring your ground-mounted solar projects to fruition. ENGIE has operating or development relationships with more than 25 cooperatives and municipalities.


  • Lower power costs and long-term power price stability
  • Enhanced stability: Distributed generation throughout the territory enhances network stability and control to support all members
  • Economic development: Local job creation, both during construction and throughout the life of the project through operations and maintenance
  • Locally produced renewable energy meets desire of members for low carbon power choices
  • Finding lower rates through the combination of innovative technologies like solar and battery storage
  • Members see energy savings and their commercial and industrial customers can meet cost-reduction and sustainability goals
  • Community engagement: Our integrated marketing plan fully promotes innovation, publicity benefits and solar education activities
  • Communities benefit from local economic growth and experience more flexible, resilient and local generation of renewable power

This solar project [with ENGIE] is another example of how member-driven cooperatives work together to accomplish great things,”  “Members had a need they wanted met and expected us to deliver a product that was safe, affordable, reliable and sustainable. By working with fellow cooperatives and their partners [ENGIE] we were able to meet those needs and more.

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The Dairyland sites range from 0.6 – 2.75 MW in size and utilize the first large-scale deployment of solar single axis tracker arrays in Wisconsin

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